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Student Projects

I am honored to work with such incredible students at Green River College. Here you will find examples of some of the projects students have developed in my courses.

SOC 202: Sociology of Food

Apples, by Mitchell Babington

Avocados, by Kelsey Ballard

Coffee, by Whitney Herbert

Vanilla, by Noah Reitan

Powdered Sugar, by Lorelei Konvalin

Apples, by Jake Lindsay

SOC 214: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Racial Justice in America, by Mesaged Abakar

Heroes of the South Pacific, by Saveria Avantaggio

Making a Difference: What Does That Look Like?, by Angel Batalon

SOC 220: Sex and Gender in Society

What Does Feminism Mean to You?, by Victorya Esperanza

More Than..., by Shaylin Keegan

Intersectional Liberation, by Angela Warner

Everyone Belongs in the Solution, by Charlotte Baryo

Breaking the Rules, by Erika Rhee

Discover Feminism, by Andrea Rafael

Men in Feminism: We Have Work to Do, by Adam Harper

Change on a Smaller Scale, by Japneet Kaur

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