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I am a historical sociologist by training and a teacher by calling.  I am committed to the lifelong process of refining and honing the art of transformative education. I hold degrees in Anthropology (University of California), Development Studies (SOAS University of London), and a doctorate in Development Sociology (Cornell University).  My research focuses on formations of subjectivities in rural America, including my doctoral study of the governance and practices of cannabis growers in California. My current research applies theories of moral regulation, cultural reproduction, and political economy to understand how, and with what effects, students’ aspirations are cultivated across America’s (unequal) institutions of higher education.   

I see education as one of the most important institutions in our society for addressing inequality and creating engaged and active citizens who think critically about themselves and the world around them. To enact this goal, I provide all of my students with rigorous coursework and substantial support to meet these academic challenges. I also focus extensively on building learning communities that value and promote diversity and equitable inclusion in the classroom and beyond. 


In addition to my love of doing and teaching anthropology and sociology, tap and modern dance hold a special place in my heart. I've practiced these two art forms for more than thirty years and take every opportunity to integrate movement and creative expression into my life. The remainder of my time is happily occupied with hiking with my husband, Ian, tinkering with stained glass, and getting my hands dirty in the garden!



Governance, Knowledge Production, Informality/Illegality


Cornell University

PhD, Development Sociology (2017)

MSc, Development Sociology (2011)

Rural Development, Northern California

Gender, Reproduction, Welfare

Transformative Learning, Higher Education


SOAS, University of London

MSc, Development Sociology (2006)


University of California, Santa Cruz

BA, Anthropology (2004)


Columbia College

AA, Anthropology (2002)

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